[The practice of six-inch love cake]_Home-made practice of six-inch love cake_The practice of six-inch love cake_How to make six-inch love cake

[The practice of six-inch love cake]_Home-made practice of six-inch love cake_The practice of six-inch love cake_How to make six-inch love cake

The pressure we have to face every day is very great. If we do n’t treat ourselves well and eat something casually, we are very sorry for ourselves, and casually at three meals a day, it is also easy to make our bodies suffer from diseases.The practice of inch-inch love cake is simple, and it also has a certain decompression effect.

1. Cut the 6-inch Qifeng cake into two pieces. Pass 100 grams of cream with a few drops of green food color until it can be pulled into shape. 3, Pass 100 grams of cream with a few drops of red food color until you can pull the flower.The shape is ready for use. 4. Put the two pieces of cake on pink cream, then put the two pieces of cake together 5. Put the whole cake on the whole body of cream. 6. Put the green cream into the decorating bag and use the decorating mouth.Make a shape of border 7 and draw a heart shape 8 on the surface of the cake. Put pink cream into the wooden board flower bag. Use the decorating mouth to inlaid the heart shape 9. Continue to surround the love 10 with the green cream board edge and halve the grapes.Cut the decorative cake 11, and finally decorate it with pink cream on the edge of the grapes. Many people are not willing to cook by themselves because there are too many procedures for cooking. It is too much trouble. The method of six-inch love cake is simple.Can dispel worries.

[Whole grains and kidney congee]_Grains and kidney congee_How to kidney_How to kidney

[Whole grains and kidney congee]_Grains and kidney congee_How to kidney_How to kidney

Nowadays, men work hard every day and face tremendous pressure. The body can not easily endure it, so it is easy to have kidney deficiency.

Grain cereals are relatively high in nutrition, and they can tonify kidney and kidney. It is a very good tonic, so people can cook grain cereals and kidney congee. Here are some of the most common ones for men.Great help.

Method 1[Food Ingredients]: There is a “Five Bean Porridge” that has long been circulated in the folk. Long-term consumption can promote beauty and longevity, and can also promote bowel movements and improve defecation. There are two types of raw material formulas:Soy beans, black beans, kidney beans.

Second: red beans, mung beans, soy beans, black beans, purple rice.

[Specific steps]: 1. Soak the hard-to-find raw materials such as red beans, mung beans, soybeans, black beans, kidney beans, lotus seeds, alkaline rice, and barley kernels overnight with water; 2. soak the above raw materials and washed otherAdd rice to the electric pressure cooker and cook it in 40 minutes; 3, if you use other pots, you can freely adjust the time according to the situation, which is based on cooking and sticking; 4. you can adjust the type and mix of ingredientsratio.
5. Boil the five plum rice companions and rice together, whichever comes after the rice is cooked.

Method 2[Materials]: black sesame, mung beans, lotus seeds, oats, red dates, lilies, etc.

[Function]: This porridge promotes children’s growth and development, enhances physical resistance, and has a certain protective effect on vision.

Contains various vitamins, amino acids and trace elements needed for human development, so that children can obtain a full range of nutrition and health care, and the color is pleasing to the eye and the taste is aromatic.

Method 3[Materials]: mung bean, rice, lily, wheat, barley kernel, papaya powder, etc.

[Function]: This porridge clears heat and detoxifies, cools blood, nourishes the lung meridian, soothes the skin, and is very helpful for breast development.

Regular food can make the skin smooth and tender, reduce wrinkles and look ruddy.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: mung beans “thick intestines and stomach, remove vomiting, cure acne, and swelling”; Coix seed “to strengthen the spleen and stomach, tonify the lungs and heat, expel wind and dampness, maintain beauty, and lighten life”.

[Shuangpi milk dessert_Shuangpi milk formula]

[Shuangpi milk dessert_Shuangpi milk formula]

Shuangpi milk is a Cantonese dessert.

In many dessert shops, we can also see Shuangpi milk with different flavors.

In fact, the material of double skin milk is very simple, eggs and milk can make fresh and smooth double skin milk.

But trying to succeed once is a bit difficult.

Only by everyone’s continuous attempts can we make a more delicious double skin milk.

So, what are the formulas of Shuangpi milk?

Shuangpi milk is a Cantonese dessert.

It originated from Shunde in the Qing Dynasty and uses water and milk as raw materials; it is now spread in Guangdong, Macau, Hong Kong and other places.

A bowl of fine double-skinned milk made from buffalo milk, which looks like a cream, has a white color, a delicate and smooth texture, and a sweet and light taste.

The most abundant carbohydrate in milk is lactose, which makes calcium easily absorbed; it is rich in protein, including casein and a small amount of whey protein; includes a large number of amino acids required for human growth and development; calcium content is easyIt is absorbed. In addition, the combination of various substances such as phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium is also very reasonable. It contains low trace melting point and small particles, which is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and its digestibility is 97%.

Milk and some foods should not be mixed together, such as: milk can react with fructose when heated, producing toxic fructose amino acids, harmful to the human body; with pineapple, it can cause physical discomfort; mixed with leeks containing oxalic acid, it will affectCalcium absorption; eating with spinach can cause dysentery; with red dates, it can affect protein absorption; with enoki mushrooms, it can cause indigestion; with kiwi, it can affect digestion and absorption, with abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea; with calcium powder, itPrecipitation occurs, which is difficult to absorb; with brown sugar, the nutritional value of milk is greatly reduced; with chocolate, it is easy to form insoluble calcium oxalate; eating with black cricket can cause poisoning; eating with vinegar can cause abdominal disease; with oranges,It can cause gastritis or abnormal gastric motility; with wine, it can cause slight liver, increase the formation of toxic substances, and reduce the nutritional value of milk; with broccoli, it can affect the absorption of calcium; with toon, it can cause bloating; with tomato sauce,Will reduce the absorption rate of nutrients.

[Do you occasionally eat midnight snacks to gain weight]_eat midnight snacks_to cause obesity_do you gain weight?

[Do you occasionally eat midnight snacks to gain weight]_eat midnight snacks_to cause obesity_do you gain weight?

In order to achieve the purpose of weight loss, everyone knows that we cannot eat supper, but sometimes it is particularly hungry at night, and people want to eat, so there is no big hindrance to occasional supper, because we ca n’t always be hungry and not eatIt’s not good for health either.

1. It is best for those who stay up late to eat supper. For supper, many beautiful women often worry about getting fat.

In fact, as long as you pay attention to nutritional matching, do not overeating, eating supper will not affect the body shape.

The supper must be determined by combining dinner and working hours. If you have a leisurely daytime work, eat three meals full, and go to bed early at night, you can skip supper.

And if you often work late and have no rest in the early morning, it is very necessary to add a meal. Not only can you stay up late to work to reverse your spirit, but you can also avoid the cold and fatigue caused by fasting.

2. After eating dinner food three hours before bedtime, after entering the body, the parasympathetic nerves will become active, so that the stomach can move under relaxed conditions.

Therefore, if we can take advantage of the parasympathetic nerves still active and let the body completely relax into sleep, we can improve our sleep quality.

It is recommended to have dinner three hours before bedtime is the best time.

When we enter deep sleep, the brain secretes leptin (which does not make you feel feverish) and growth hormone (which breaks down your aunt), both of which can help lose weight.

3, dinner should increase protein intake Most people think that obesity is eaten, but you may not know that weight loss can also be achieved by eating.

During dinner every day, increase the protein intake because it can help the body grow muscles and increase your aunt.

A small amount of protein plus carbohydrates will produce tryptophan after the effect. This substance can improve sleep quality after entering the brain, and sleeping well is the starting point for successful weight loss.