[What’s the difference between Faxia and Pinellia]_Features_Features

[What’s the difference between Faxia and Pinellia]_Features_Features

Because of the requirements of Pinellia ternata for its growing environment, Pinellia ternata is cultivated only in the southern region of our country. However, due to the amount of Pinellia ternata allowed, French pinellia has become a kind of precious Chinese medicine.

And now Pinellia ternata used by Chinese medical students is usually Qing Pinellia. The price of Pinellia ternata is relatively large and cheap.

Today’s article specifically explains the differences between French pinellia and pinellia for readers.

Pinellia is a very good Chinese medicinal material. We can do this better and we can correct multiple problems. So usually many people will use Pinellia to cure diseases. But when using Pinellia, we must pay attention to the methods and methods.Known as Pinellia trefoil, it belongs to the perennial herbaceous plant of the family Astraceae. Because Pinellia is very cold-tolerant, it likes to grow in soil with high humidity. By taking medicine, some pinellia can remove phlegm and cough.Cough and asthma are very effective, so we can take Pinellia to improve a lot to correct some problems, but because Pinellia will have certain toxicity, do not use it blindly in normal times. It is best to have cough and sputum.Proper use according to the doctor’s instructions, patients eat more light food on the diet during the treatment, which will be more beneficial to our health.

For Pinellia ternata and French pinellia ternata, because the main difference between Pinellia ternata and French pinellia ternata is different processing methods, the main source of Pinellia ternata is to take raw materials and remove impurities, and mash it if necessary.Clean Pinellia and then soak it with cold water to avoid sun exposure. You can adjust the soaked day crops according to the quality of the place of origin and the size of the particles. French Pinellia can effectively treat cold sputum and wet sputum, but patients are usingWhen pinellia is used to treat diseases, it must be used properly according to the doctor’s instructions. Because pinellia is toxic, do not use it randomly, so we must learn to distinguish the two Chinese medicinal materials so that we can be healthier.Go and take it.

Pinellia ternata and French pinellia are both good Chinese medicinal materials. Many people will choose to use it, and it can also improve some alternative problems. So usually many people use pinellia, but use pinelliaAlso pay attention to the methods and methods, especially the difference between Pinellia ternata and French pinellia, so that you can take it healthier.

[Weight loss of this variety in oolong tea]_Slimming_Species

[Weight loss of this variety in oolong tea]_Slimming_Species

Oolong tea is a relatively well-known variety of tea. In recent years, oolong tea is also more popular. It has a good dissolving effect and has a certain weight loss effect. Its weight loss effect is also scientifically based, because oolong tea containsTannin acid can promote a small amount of metabolism. Dahongpao is the best in oolong tea for weight loss. This is a semi-fermented tea that has the effect of weight loss and the effect of regulating the body.

Of course, the weight loss of this variety in oolong tea is the best that Dahongpao can lose weight.

It is a semi-fermented tea. It contains almost no vitamin C, but is almost iron, calcium and other minerals. It contains digestive enzymes and decomposes trace components, which can inhibit trace absorption. It is difficult to convert excess sugar into adults.

As a result, people have created the nickname of “negative penetration beverage” for oolong tea.

If long-term obesity can not only lower cholesterol, but also help people lose weight and bodybuilding.

I bought half a catty last time and drank it for more than a month. The effect was pretty good. I lost at least 3 catties.

It is expected that tea drinking is toxic.

But why are there so many benefits to drinking tea?

For the average person, they know it but do not know why.

With the development of science, it was not until the early 19th century that the composition of the tea industry became clear.

Oolong tea has undergone modern scientific separation and identification. Oolong tea contains more than 450 organic and chemical components, and more than 40 inorganic mineral elements.

Organic chemical and inorganic mineral elements in tea contain many nutritional and medicinal ingredients.

The main organic chemical components are: tea polyphenols, phytoalkali, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, pectin, organic acids, lipopolysaccharides, sugars, enzymes, pigments, etc.

The content of organic chemical components in Tieguanyin, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, and various amino acids, is significantly higher than other teas.

Inorganic mineral elements are: potassium, calcium, magnesium, cobalt, iron, manganese, aluminum, sodium, zinc, copper, nitrogen, phosphorus, fluorine and so on.

Tieguanyin contains inorganic mineral elements such as manganese, iron, fluorine, potassium, sodium, etc., which are higher than those of other teas.

Chinese medical researchers claim that oolong tea has a slimming effect.

Oolong tea is popular because it dissolves a slight weight loss effect, and this statement does have scientific basis.

Because the main ingredient in tea-tannic acid, has been confirmed to have a close relationship with trace metabolism, and the experimental results also confirmed that oolong tea can indeed reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, which is a rare diet tea.

Experiments have shown that drinking one liter of oolong tea every day has the effect of suppressing cholesterol rise.

Although the number of people should be determined by the physical condition of each person, when the food is too greasy, it is best to pair it with oolong tea, which not only has a feeling of fullness, but also can remove greasy

[What is the disease that cannot eat soy products]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

[What is the disease that cannot eat soy products]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

Soy products contain a lot of proteins and toxins, which are not suitable for patients with benzoic aciduria or broad bean disease, and patients with gout should avoid eating soy milk less to prevent the disease from worsening.

Soy products can not be eaten for many diseases, because soy products will cause kidney function decline and indigestion, which will cause arteriosclerosis, etc. So bloating cannot eat soy products.

What is the disease that can not eat soy products? 1, benzoic aciduria patients can not eat soy products phenylketonuria, is a congenital abnormal amino acid metabolism disease.

Phenylalanine hydroxylase is injected into the liver of patients with benzoic aciduria, so phenylalanine cannot be converted into tyrosine, which causes the accumulation of phenylalanine in the body, causing damage to the nervous system and mental retardation.
For these patients, breast milk replacement, milk replacement or milk powder replacement cannot be performed, and only special milk substitutes containing low phenylalanine can be eaten. For them, breast milk and food may damage the brain and retard mental development.”Poison”.

They must control the absorption of natural proteins throughout their lives, and protein supplements are naturally their contraband.

2. Broad bean disease patients cannot eat soy products. Broad bean disease is a disease of red blood cell enzyme deficiency. It is one of the most common genetic diseases in Southwest China and provinces and cities in Southwest China.

Broad bean disease patients will occur if they consume broad beans. For broad bean patients, they must avoid eating broad beans and their products.

3, who should not eat soy? Patients with acute gastritis and chronic superficial gastritis should not eat soy products, so as not to stimulate excessive gastric acid secretion and aggravate the condition, or cause flatulence.

Beans contain a certain amount of low carbohydrates, which can cause symptoms such as belching, bowel sounds, and abdominal distension, so friends who have gastric ulcers should eat less.

Patients with gastritis and renal failure need a low-protein diet, and the protein of beans and their products, its metabolites will increase the burden of hypertension, and it is advisable to fast.

The oxalate in beans can be combined with calcium in the kidney, and it is easy to form stones, which will aggravate the symptoms of kidney stones, so it is not suitable for patients with kidney stones.

Gout is a disease caused by disorders of purine metabolism.

Soybean dihydrofuran phosphate, and purine is a hydrophilic substance, so after grinding soybeans into pulp, the purity is several times higher than other soy products.

Therefore, soy milk is not suitable for gout patients.

Soybean cold, stomach cold and easy diarrhea, abdominal distension, spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency often occur in spermatorrhea should not eat more.

Soy products are too susceptible to diseases 1: Transformation of kidney function Under normal circumstances, the plant protein that people eat into the body undergoes metabolic changes, and most of them become nitrogenous waste, which is replaced by the kidneys.

As people reach old age, the kidney’s ability to excrete wastes declines. If you do not pay attention to your diet, eat a lot of tofu, and consume too much plant protein, nitrogen-containing wastes will inevitably increase in the body, increase the burden on the kidneys, and further reduce kidney function., Is not good for your health.

2: Caused by indigestion. Tofu contains a large amount of rich protein. If you eat too much and absorb too much iron, it will easily cause protein indigestion and discomfort such as bloating and diarrhea.

3: Arteriosclerosis formation American medical experts point out that soy products contain a large amount of methionine, which can be converted into cysteine under the action of enzymes.

Cysteine can damage the vascular endothelial cells of the arterial wall, and it is easy for plasma and triglycerides to deposit on the arterial wall and cause arteriosclerosis.

[Why does it hurt for two people in the same room]_Cause_Inducement

[Why does it hurt for two people in the same room]_Cause_Inducement

Favorite things are very enjoyable, especially the recognized sex life is comfortable for both men and women.

However, some people will feel pain when they are in the same room, mainly from the woman. There are many reasons for this. They are mainly divided into two types, physiological and pathological.Illness is plagued.

So why does it hurt to have two people in the same room?

what is the reason?

There are many causes of pain in sexual cross-linking, including diseases of the reproductive organs and urinary system, and congenital malformations.

The typical fissure is an endometriotic nodule on the uterine sacrum ligament close to the posterior vaginal fornix. The pelvic cavity penetrates and adheres to the peritoneal organs. The penis is inserted into the nodule. During the friction with the vaginal mucosa, the peritoneum is made.Shaking the organs causes pain.

In addition, vaginal specific allergies, such as allergies to contraceptive use, can also cause pain.

For the first time in a newly-married couple, tearing the hymen and dilating the vaginal opening can also cause pain and sexual intercourse in the first few days.

The excitement of the newlyweds and the heavy workload they bring will also make the co-workers not completely satisfied. Therefore, after the newlyweds, usually 3?
It takes 4 weeks to reach a satisfactory level of sexual intercourse.

Hasty intercourse, that is, before the female sexual excitement is not fully aroused, the vagina lacks swelling and lubrication. At this time, the penis is inserted, or the action is inserted slightly, often causing temporary pain. The sexual excitement will be suppressed and converted into the penis.Pain can be aggravated by friction, especially in highly sensitive clitoral areas.

It has abundant blood vessels and nerve tissues, and will completely produce pain without sexual excitement and dryness, and it will psychologically produce an unbearable aversion.

In the absence of organic lesions, pain during intercourse is mainly caused by insufficient vaginal lubrication.

There are two main reasons for insufficient sexual arousal: one is insufficient preparation for intercourse, that is, inadequate flirting actions such as hugging, kissing, caressing, etc .; two, fear of intercourse, fear, lack of concentration, and depression in work and life.Can’t wait.

For the treatment of sexual intercourse pain, in addition to the organic diseases that require treatment, other psychological treatment should generally be performed.

The specific methods are as follows: 1.

The method of overcoming the fear and relaxation can use progressive relaxation training, which can repeatedly relax and contract the muscles by “contracting-relaxing”.


Establishing psychological equality between women and men The pain and difficulties of sexual intercourse are often caused by psychological inequality.

Selected by some sexual psychologists: Successful coping must break the siege of silence and division, and abandon traditional and shocking sense of shyness.

Promote psychological equality between men and women during intercourse, that is, equal sexual desire, equal representation of sexual desire, equal initiative, etc.


Creating a good environment for sex is an appropriate condition for treating sexual intercourse.

Human intercourse is not only legal and civilized, but it is also necessary to choose the right environment for love.

A suitable environment is one of the important conditions for successful co-operation.


Proper sexual intercourse comforts many wives. The difficulty and pain of sexual intercourse is caused by the husband’s first rough entry.

Sexual caressing can cause high sexual excitement in women, with slight pain often undetected.

The pleasure of sexual caressing does not reach the equilibrium standard, and it is related to psychological factors, life experience, education, etc., which varies from person to person.


The practice of vaginal muscle relaxation technique is particularly effective in preventing sexual intercourse pain caused by vaginal complications.

Vaginal contraction is an involuntary reflex contraction of the muscles around the vagina, even including the adductor muscles of the femur.

It has several types: primary vaginal contraction, secondary vaginal contraction, and situational vaginal spasm.

Vaginal muscle relaxation technology: Let the woman perform continuous contraction and relaxation of the abdominal, thigh fractures and vaginal opening muscles, so as to control the muscle tightness.

The method is to insert the tip of her finger into the vaginal opening and experience the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles.

[How to eat laurel fruit]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat laurel fruit]_How to eat_How to eat

Guimuguo has the effect of conditioning the spleen and stomach, clearing the lungs and relieving cough, and is very good for treating bronchitis and sore throat, but the way we eat is to cook it with water or cook soup.

Jiamuguo is a kind of medicinal material, which is very suitable for patients with hot coughing blood and patients with sore throat. You can learn about the use of Jiamuguo and its medicinal value.

The medicinal value is attributed to meridian fruits: sweet, sour, and flat.

Root: Xin, lukewarm.

Function Indications: Qingfeizhike, Huoxue bleeding.

For tuberculosis, hemoptysis, bronchitis, epistaxis, vomiting blood, sore throat.

Root: Stomach and Qi, promoting blood circulation and expelling wind.

For gastritis, loss of appetite, rheumatism and pain, bruises.

The proper amount is 0.

5-1 Two, the decoction value of the decoction is red when ripe, the taste is sweet and edible, and it can clear the heat and appetite.

1. Bai Guimu helps relieve sore throat.

Bai Guimu is flat, sour and non-toxic.

Patients with sore throat can take appropriate amount of Bai Guimu fruit and add appropriate amount of water to decoction.

This combination can relieve sore throat and laryngitis.

2. Bai Guimu can help patients with hot coughing blood alleviate the disease.

The patient took 5 to 1 or 2 dried fruits of Baiguimu, the amount of lean pork, decoction in water; this is not only a traditional Chinese medicine prescription but also a delicious dish.

The product also has the functions of clearing heat and appetizing, helping digestion and moisturizing the intestines!

3, Bai Guimu root has a role in treating headaches.

Wet pain, headache patients can soak Bai Guimu in alcohol.

The wine itself has the function of promoting blood circulation, and the root of white cinnamon wood can also remove wind and dampness, and promote blood circulation.

4, white cassia root has the effect of prolactin.

Pregnant women who don’t have enough milk can take about 30 grams of white cassia root to make a soup, which can help the mother give birth to more milk enough for the baby to suck.

[Shaxian flat food stuffing practice]_Inner stuffing production_How to make

[Shaxian flat food stuffing practice]_Inner stuffing production_How to make

Shaxian snacks can be said to bloom all over the country and even to the United States. They are welcomed by many people. Shaxian snacks taste delicious. For example, Shaxian flat food is a well-known food. To make Shaxian flat food, you must first understandThe recipe of the filling, so as to achieve the delicious filling of Shaxian tang sugar filling, in order to do a good job must understand his method, let’s take a look at the practice of Shaxian gingham filling.

Shaxian flat food stuffing Ingredients: 1 egg.

500g minced pork and 100g chives.

Moderate amount of ground ginger.

Sesame oil content.

Salad oil content.

Moderate amount of tender meat meal.

Salt, chicken essence in moderation.

How to make a spoonful of pepper stuffing: 1. Cut the ginger first.

Wash the ginger, and then cut the ginger a bit thinner, as shown in the figure: 2. The second step is to cut the onion. Just like the ginger, cut it a little bit and make it thinner.

3. Put the chopped ginger, shallots and minced meat in a bowl together, and add a beaten egg at the same time.

4. At this time, you can add tender meat powder, appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate, pepper powder, and sesame oil to flavor 5. This is the most critical step!

Just add a little salad oil, the meat will be very tender?
6. The sixth step is to stir the ravioli stuffing with chopsticks. Be sure to stir vigorously and stir well. Stir for three to five minutes. When the ravioli filling smells and can be smelled, the meat filling is complete.

[How long do frozen dumplings cook]_how to cook_how to cook

[How long do frozen dumplings cook]_how to cook_how to cook

Now many young people live alone on their own. In order to make their children worry about eating, parents will put some dumplings in the refrigerator in their free time, and can cook for themselves when the young people are free.

Many young people do not know how to cook frozen dumplings, or even how long they will cook.

Now let ‘s introduce how to cook frozen dumplings. Let ‘s learn something?
I. Tips for not making frozen dumplings 1. Soak in cold water-boil at 40 ° C. Take the frozen dumplings out and put them in a bowl of cold water for a short period of 1-2 minutes (don’t soak them for a long time).Don’t boil, you can boil the dumplings just cooked at about 40 degrees.

Boil until the water is boiled, the dumplings are all floating, and they are ready to eat.

The original principle: Due to the large amount of moisture in the dumpling skin, the frozen dumplings are in direct contact with the boiling water, and the cold and hot collide. It is prone to the phenomenon that the dumplings are not cooked yet, and the dumplings have been boiled.

Frozen dumplings are first added to cold water and soaked in order to allow the dumpling skin to absorb a certain amount of moisture first, and have a preliminary thawing effect, so that the dumplings gradually adapt to the process from cold to hot.

In this way, when the temperature of the water in the pot is about 40 degrees, dumping the dumplings into the pot not only avoids the collision of hot and cold, but also because the dumpling skin absorbs moisture, so that the cracking of frozen dumplings will not occur.

2. Don’t open the boiling water pot and don’t wait for the water to boil.

Fresh dumplings that you just wrapped at home, be sure to wait for the water to boil before you boil it, and then use a spoon to push the dumplings apart (note that the spoon must always be close to the bottom of the pot when you push it, use a convex surface to push waterIt must be kept in a slightly boiling state, not too open, otherwise the dumplings will be boiled and broken), which will cause the protein in the dumpling skin to quickly solidify and form, starch will be crushed in water, and the dumplings will not stick together. It is convenient to stir with a spoon.The cooked dumplings are better.

For quick-frozen dumplings, it is recommended to put small dumplings in the cooking pot (not large bubbles in the pan, about 40 degrees), and put the dumplings one by one, and gently push the dumplings to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the pan.

Quick-frozen dumplings are easily peeled when cooked over high heat in boiling water.

3. Add salt to salt water, and then add dumplings to cook, which can increase the boiling point of water. Salt can make the flour tough, slow down the rate of starch gelatinization, increase the resistance of the dumpling skin to prevent the tension from causing the dumpling skin to crack,Make the dumplings more resistant to cooking and not easy to peel.

Don’t wait for the dumplings to cook before adding salt.

4, put a little oil in the water, and then put dumplings, which can add a layer of protective film to the skin of the dumplings, has a lubricating effect to ensure that the dumplings no longer stick together.

5. Don’t cover the pot for too long. About the cooking of dumplings, the general saying is “covering the pot and filling the stuffing, cooking the dumplings without the cover is more time-saving and gas-saving, but you can’t cover the pot for too long to prevent peeling.

6. When cooking quick-frozen dumplings on the fire, do not use high fire. It is not like fresh dumplings, and it is not easy to break the skin when cooked on high fire.

Quick-cooked dumplings are suitable for cooking slowly over medium-low heat. Quick-frozen dumplings are not easy to cook. If they are boiled over high fire, the skin will be cooked and the meat will be easily broken.

7. When the water dumplings are boiled until the water is boiling, inject a small amount of cold water to cool down. After the water boils again, inject cold water to cool down (note that you do n’t add a lot of cold water, about 150ml, you can add more depending on the number of dumplings).

The purpose of watering is to prevent the water from boiling too much, so that the dumplings are cooked in smooth water.

8. Using a chopstick to stir a spatula or a spoon can easily break the dumpling skin. Chopsticks are the best choice.

Use chopsticks to stir against the bottom of the pot to prevent dumplings from gathering.

[Effects and effects of thorn bubble wine]_ think _ benefits

[Effects and effects of thorn bubble wine]_ think _ benefits

Echidna, also known as raspberry, is a plant often encountered in life.

Acanthopanax has high medicinal value, especially in the treatment of rheumatism.

It can also be made into medicinal liquor, which can even give better effect to medicine, and it is also convenient for people to save.

So, what are the effects and functions of spiced sparkling wine?

Prickly pear is also called prickly berry, scientific name is raspberry, alias prickly berry, bubble fruit.

Genus Rosaceae, deciduous shrub.

Usually 1-2 meters high, branches glabrous, dark purple, white leaf berries, dewberry.

The medicinal value of prickly pear root: Qufeng dehumidification, blood circulation and menstruation.

For rheumatic pain, chronic hepatitis, diarrhea, dysentery, bruises, irregular menstruation.

Ye: Hemostasis and detoxification.

Topical treatment of traumatic bleeding, scabies ulcers.

Seed: Qi-enriching.

For physical weakness and neurasthenia after illness.

Efficacy and role of effervescent 1.

Enhance the body’s resistance to infection: Prickly pear is very rich in nutrition. According to research, Vc can promote the formation of antibodies and exert anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.


Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: According to studies by Xie Huimin and other experts from Prickly Pear, vitamin C interacts with alkylating agents such as amine nitrite, which makes nitrite lose its carcinogenic effect.


Treatment of scurvy: Absorption of abundant vitamin C transforms scurvy to be treated, so vitamin C is called ascorbic acid.


Effect of removing lead: edible fresh pear fruits and processed foods can absorb rich vitamin C, which is beneficial to human health.


Anti-aging: Prickly pears are rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD). Eating fresh fruits and processed products of prickly pears can increase the activity of SOD in the human body, reduce lipid peroxide (LPO), and have obvious anti-aging effects.


Treatment of beriberi: Vitamin B1 (thionine) is one of the six vitamins necessary for the human body, and normal growth and metabolism cannot be replaced.

[How to eat raw hair of Heshouwu]_Recommended diet

[How to eat raw hair of Heshouwu]_Recommended diet

Middle-aged and elderly friends are high-incidence people with hair loss problems, but recently many teenage friends have also experienced hair loss problems to varying degrees. This is a major problem that makes many teenage friends particularly distressed. Hair loss problems can seriously affect their appearance.It is recommended that teen friends have to take a good rest in the daily life, relax and enjoy themselves, and do not create too much stress, otherwise it may increase the speed of their hair loss problems.

Friends of hair loss patients can also improve their hair loss symptoms by consuming Polygonum multiflorum.

The simplest and most effective way to eat Polygonum multiflorum is to cut the Polygonum multiflorum directly into a cup, and then add some sugar according to personal taste, and use hot water to rinse it.

This method can make the human body better absorb the nutrients in Polygonum multiflorum, and it can also effectively improve the symptoms of insomnia and many dreams that many elderly friends have. It is very helpful to reduce the nervous breakdown of many elderly friends.

There is also that you can directly eat edible polygonum multiflorum, dig out the polygonum multiflorum and wash it with water, or you can eat it directly as food.

Polygonum multiflorum is sweet and slightly bitter. Male friends can take some of it appropriately. In order to improve the kidney deficiency and soft waist problems that many male friends have, it can also achieve a good conditioning effect. It can improve the sexual performance of male friends and enable both spouses to have sex.Get maximum satisfaction during the process.

It can also increase the sperm vitality of male friends, and it is also very effective for solving the problem of low conception rates of many female friends.

In the process of daily stewing ribs and chicken soup, you can also appropriately add some Polygonum multiflorum. Polygonum multiflorum is a medicine and a food. It is eaten with Chinese herbal medicines such as wolfberry, ginseng, and angelica, or in the process of daily production.Adding Polygonum multiflorum is a very good way to eat.

You can help yourself improve the impact of various diseases on yourself while enjoying the delicious.

[How to make peanut sprouts in the family]_Production method_Methods Daquan

[How to make peanut sprouts in the family]_Production method_Methods Daquan

In normal times, we haven’t eaten peanuts. When the peanuts are soaked in water for a period of time, the peanuts will sprout automatically. This is for uncooked peanuts or dried peanuts pulled from the ground.

If it is fried peanuts, it will not germinate even after soaking in water, so if you want to grow peanut buds, you need to choose the correct peanuts to avoid futility and pay attention to the use value of peanut buds.

Peanut sprouts are also known as “longevity fruit sprouts” and “marshmallow fruit sprouts”. This term is due to the reputation of peanuts as longevity fruit.

First of all, when peanuts become peanut buds, the content of resveratrol is greatly increased. We all know that common red wines have higher levels of resveratrol, but high-quality red wines are expensive, soWe can get it from peanut sprouts.

Resveratrol can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduce cholesterol, has anti-oxidant, delay aging, beauty effects, and can prevent atherosclerosis. This means that resveratrol is the “protector” of our cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.Now it has also become a hot product rushing to develop globally.

In fact, the content of protein and crude aunt in peanut sprouts is the highest in vegetables. After peanut sprouts, the protein is broken down into amino acids, which is more easily absorbed by our body.

We all know that peanuts have a relatively high fat content, and the process of adding peanut sprouts needs to be transformed, so it will be relatively reduced.

Peanut sprouts are rich in nutrition to teach you how to make peanut sprouts. This is some of the benefits that peanuts we introduce to everyone. We can find that peanut sprouts are very beneficial to us. So how should we cook?Let’s take a look together and teach everyone how to make peanut sprouts at home. Let’s take a look together.

In fact, we can make the peanut sprouts at home, pick the freshly harvested and full-grained peanuts, soak the peanuts in water for one day, let it absorb the absorbed moisture and expand, then place the peanuts on a drain basin and cover them.A layer of gauze plays a role in keeping it moist. Then put a pot on the gauze and pour a small amount of water, just before it is passed, so that the peanut can absorb the water before it can germinate.

It must be noted that the temperature is an inestimable condition. It must be maintained at about 25 to 30 degrees. You can change the water twice a day to prevent it from smelling. The peanut buds grow to about 3 to 5 cm for the best nutrition.

Peanut sprouts are added with green pepper.

Peanut sprouts are rich in nutrition and teach you how to make peanut sprouts. This is what we have introduced to you about peanut sprouts. We can find that peanut sprouts are very beneficial to us, so you can often make some peanut sprouts to eat.Oh, we have introduced to you how to make peanut sprouts above. I hope our introduction can help everyone in need.