[Man will leave such an expression after sprinting]

[Man will leave such an expression after sprinting]

Once the relationship between the couples is confirmed, they will develop to the point of having a sexual life. Women who have sex will know that men will have a certain expression after the end of sex. Different men have different states after sex. Many people haveI don’t know what this means. In fact, these expressions can be used to trim what he is like. Let’s take a look at the seven expressions after the man rolls the sheets.

One, an sigh; for him, the climax is also a expression of life. He does not conceal his moment of happiness and regret, so a complicated long sigh draws a happy exclamation mark for his climax!

He likes to drive straight into the air, make it in one go, and enjoy the pleasure.

In life, he pays attention to efficiency, is not procrastinating, and is more sincere.

Hope partner: shout with him, he likes your happy echo, but also the best encouragement for him.

Don’t be dumb as silent as eating Coptis chinensis, and be as flowery as possible.

Second, shy type; he feels a bit of regret and shame for the “fried rice” that he has just been “狰狞” or lingering or wild or nauseating. He is a sultry, usually decent, and disciplined.The “beast” helped, and suddenly became angry, impulsive, or ridiculous.

Therefore, after his climax, he recovered his consciousness in the upper body and became awake and embarrassed.

At this time, he was funny and cute.


[Is the emergency contraceptive pill 72 hours?]_ Effect_Efficacy

[Is the emergency contraceptive pill 72 hours?]_ Effect_Efficacy

When men and women have sexual relations, most of them are caused by impulsive factors, so sometimes if there are no better contraceptives around them, they will let women take after-the-fact contraceptives after sex and replace them afterwards.It is very large, and the contraceptive pills taken at this time are generally emergency contraceptives, so its efficacy is ten times that of ordinary ones. Is the emergency contraceptive pill 72 hours?

1 Some contraceptives have an effective period of 72 hours, which means that taking contraceptives within 72 hours will achieve the purpose of contraception, but as a rescue measure, the contraceptive effect is not 100%, or the earlier the effect, the more effectiveObviously, it is better to try early.

2 The emergency contraceptive pill is only an emergency rescue measure after the failure of contraception. It must not be taken as a daily contraceptive pill, because the contraceptive pill can inhibit the function of the ovaries to achieve the effect of contraception. Long-term use will affect the function of female ovariesIt can even cause infertility.

3 Emergency contraceptives can only be taken once a month, and taking too many times has a great impact on the body. If you plan to take your child for half a year, you cannot take it, otherwise it will cause the child’s stunting, deformity, etc., so it is still necessary to use someConventional contraceptives, like condoms, loops, etc.

Precautions Emergency contraceptives can cause changes in women’s hormone levels. Do not take them multiple times. After multiple use, they will cause women’s menstrual cycle disorders and endocrine disorders.

Take emergency contraceptives after intercourse, in which case emergency contraceptives are effective.

The duration of the emergency contraceptive pill is 72 hours. It is only for the recovery of the previous unprotected sex life. It should still be noted that there is no protection for sex life after taking it.

But emergency contraceptives should not be taken more than three times a year

[Can watermelon sprout be eaten]_Affect_Danger

[Can watermelon sprout be eaten]_Affect_Danger

Watermelon can be said to be an essential fruit to relieve summer heat. Eating cool watermelon in the hot summer is very comfortable, but you ca n’t eat too much watermelon. It ‘s a cold food, and it ‘s badEating too much can easily break your stomach.

Sometimes after cutting the watermelon, you will find that the seeds inside the watermelon grow a lot of sprouts. So, can the watermelon be eaten again?

Let ‘s take a look.

First, can the watermelon be germinated?
Generally, the seeds germinated in watermelon scabs are caused by high temperature and long storage time. Under the temperature of 15 ° C to 25 ° C and certain humidity, the seeds of watermelon seeds will develop and grow small buds.Watermelon will not cause much damage to the human body, but this germinated watermelon will not taste well and will not be too rich in water. Generally, it is not recommended to continue eating.

Second, can there be insects inside the watermelon? Can watermelon watermelon be the fruit fly larva.

It is true that a kind of pest called fruit fly may grow in watermelon. The fruit fly on watermelon is mainly fruit fly.

Fruit flies generally lay their eggs on the outer skin of the watermelon. The function of the spawning stage is equivalent to a knife head, which can drill into the skin of the watermelon to lay eggs.

As the watermelon grows, the holes that heal when the worm spawns are healed, so it’s hard to find from the appearance.

After the larva hatched in the skin of the watermelon, it then drilled into the watermelon to feed.

These larvae will crawl out when they grow up, and then they will emerge as adult worms in the field.

In general, watermelons infested by fruit flies are easily yellowed, rotten, and fall out.

But if unfortunately, when the watermelon is close to maturity, and the worms have just hatched, someone may buy this kind of “worm” creeping watermelon inside.

In theory, if you accidentally eat this kind of watermelon invaded by fruit flies, it is not harmful to the body (for those who dare to eat, you can also add protein, but you may need to fry it), but it is too disgusting!

Third, the precautions for eating watermelon 1. Watermelon is a cold product. It is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach if you eat too much. Therefore, the spleen and stomach are cold, indigestion, and those who have slippery stools should eat less.

2. Watermelon should be cut and eaten immediately. Do not add fresh-keeping film when refrigerating. Keep the fruit cut away from the meat-cutting knife, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.

3, watermelon should not be eaten before or after meals, because a lot of water in watermelon will dilute the digestive juices in the stomach, eating before and after meals will affect the digestion and absorption of food.

4. Tips for buying watermelon 1. Look at Guadi. If the tip of the watermelon is a straight line, it is not sweet, but if it is circled in two directions, it is very sweet.

2. The quality of the watermelon at the bottom can be judged from the circle at the bottom of the watermelon. The smaller the circle, the better. On the contrary, the thicker the bottom circle itself, the thicker the skin, the harder it is to eat.

[What are the foods to repair nerves?

Recommend these 13 kinds!

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[What are the foods to repair nerves?
Recommend these 13 kinds!
】 _How to eat_How to eat

There are many diseases in the nerves of the human brain. Some people may be injured by chemicals or drugs because of work. Sometimes, acute cerebral vascular damage to the central nervous system may occur. In addition, people often live in life.Suffering from some trauma, the trauma will directly damage the nerves, especially when the brain is injured, it is very harmful to the nerves.

There are many neurological diseases that are prone to occur in the human body. Some people are just brain atrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and also acute cerebrovascular disease. For these patients, nerve repair is very important.Eat more foods that can help repair your nerves. Some of these are 13 types.

1. Blueberries.

An excellent source of antioxidant “anthocyanins” helps brain cells fight toxins, promotes the use of glucose by the brain, and enhances the conversion between brain cells.

2. Pumpkin.

Pumpkin is an excellent source of p-carotene. Vitamin A content in pumpkin is better than green vegetables, and vitamin C, zinc, potassium and cellulose.

Chinese medicine thinks.

Pumpkin tastes sweet and flat, has the effect of refreshing the mind and refreshing the brain, and can treat dizziness, upset, thirst and other yin deficiency and fire.

3. Fish.

Both saltwater fish and freshwater fish contain a large amount of high-quality protein and rich calcium, especially unsaturated fatty acids, which can catabolize and make the cerebral vessels open.

In addition, the potential DHA in fish also contributes to brain health.

4, fungus.

Contains relatively rich nutrients such as phospholipids, sterols, which have a nutritive effect on brain cells and nerve cells. At the same time, a substance contained in it can delay blood coagulation, can unblock blood vessels, prevent cerebral thrombosis, and prevent cerebral thrombosis.Prevention of myocardial infarction and other diseases.

5. Peanut butter.

Groundnut and peanut butter are rich in vitamin E, which contains antioxidants that protect nerve membranes and thiamine, which supplements the glucose needed for nerve energy in the brain.

6. Milk.

Protein 100 per 100 grams of milk.

5 grams, 125 mg calcium.

Calcium in milk can regulate nerve and muscle excitability.

Drinking a glass of milk after breakfast every day will help improve cognitive abilities and ensure that the brain works efficiently.

7, walnuts.

Because of its saturated unsaturated fatty acids, it is widely recognized as a traditional Chinese brain health food. Children must eat it.

It is advisable to have 2-3 walnuts per day. Perseverance can nourish the brain through nutrition, enhance memory, and eliminate brain fatigue.

However, you should not overeat, as you may experience dry stool and nosebleeds.

8. Eggs.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, and the choline released from the lecithin in the egg yolk can synthesize acetylcholine, which helps to enhance memory.

In addition, the content of iron and phosphorus in egg yolk is high, which is particularly beneficial to brain development.

9, jujube.

Jujube contains up to milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams and is called a natural vitamin C pill.

Vitamin C has acute brain function, strengthens brain cell protein function, and promotes brain cell excitement.

It is especially suitable for female office workers, but it can also be used to replenish qi and beauty.

10. Soy.

Soy is rich in high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, which are the basic ingredients for brain cell growth and repair.

Soy also contains lecithin, iron, and vitamins. Proper supplementation can enhance memory.11. Cereals.

The brain needs to constantly add glucose, and the fiber in the grains, such as spades, helps regulate glucose into the child. Whole wheat grains can also supplement B vitamins, which can supplement healthy nutrition of the nervous system.

12, bananas.

Bananas are rich in nutrients and low in traces. They contain phosphorus called “salts of wisdom.” Bananas are a super source of tryptophan and vitamin B6. They are rich in minerals, especially potassium, with a medium content.Bananas contain 451 mg of potassium, and eating them has a brain-building effect.

13, lean beef.

Iron is an important mineral that helps children focus on learning and staying energized.

Lean beef is the best source of iron for absorption.

The zinc in beef also helps children remember.

[How to eat Sandals]_Methods_Methods

[How to eat Sandals]_Methods_Methods

Fish is often eaten by many families, and the nutrition of different fish species varies.

Sand owl is a fish that lives on the coast or downstream of Dajiang River. It also has rich nutrients, but how can it be more delicious?

There are many ways to make sand gluttons, especially fresh glutinous sand glutinous rice or white sauce to make it can better protect the nutrition from losing, and it is especially suitable for children’s brain.

There are many ways to make tang fish. Braised fish, white sauce, stewed eggs, fried, honey sauce, soup, and soup are all suitable. You can choose a suitable cooking method according to your personal taste.

1. White sauce bonito material: 300g bonito, bamboo shoots, ham, salt, pepper, water starch, monosodium glutamate. Method: (1) Clean the fresh bonito, put it into the oil pan, addScallion ginger, cooking wine is slightly fried; (2) add washed and sliced bamboo shoots, ham slices and cook over high heat; (3) add pepper, salt, MSG seasoning, and thicken with water starch.

2, Tangyu fish stew egg material: Tangyu 200g, 3 eggs, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, spring onion: (1) After clearing the fish, put it in boiling water and place it in the soupIn a bowl; (2) break the eggs into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of salt, and season with MSG; (3) add the water and mix well, and pour into a fish bowl; (4) steam over high heat for about 15 minutes, Sprinkle with green onions and drizzle with sesame oil.

3. Braised Pomfret Fish Ingredients: 1 Pomfret Fish, salt, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, water starch, sesame oil. Proper amount of practice: (1) Clean the fresh Pomfret Fish and put them into the pan and fry until golden(2) Add the right amount of cooking wine, salt, sugar, soy sauce and boiling water to boil; (3) Add the so-called monosodium glutamate, leek yellow, thicken with water starch, and pour a small amount of sesame oil.

[What’s good to eat after eating zongzi?

】 _Bitch_How to eat_How to eat

[What’s good to eat after eating zongzi?
】 _Bitch_How to eat_How to eat

We all know that this kind of food is eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival in most cases. Some friends may also like to eat in daily life. This is also normal. Just go to the supermarket to buy it.

When eating this kind of food, you still need to pay attention to it, especially when paired with some foods, it may bring a huge burden to the stomach.

So, what to eat after eating zongzi?

It is best to eat zucchini at lunch, and try to avoid it at dinner, because most people have a small amount of activity after dinner, and they may fall asleep soon.Stagnation.
Eat rice dumplings with tea and black plum soup.

When eating dumplings, it is best not to fish and meat, so as not to increase the burden of dialysis.

You can drink Pu’er tea to help digestion when eating zongzi, and people with hot stomach can drink green tea.

But remember, people with poor gastrointestinal function try to drink light tea instead of strong tea.

Eating dumplings with fruit can also relieve tiredness and help digestion, but it is also particular about matching certain types of fruits.

When people with chronic dysfunction eat zongzi, it is best to pair it with apples and pears. A small amount of watermelon (not iced) is also acceptable.

People with no stomach problems can eat hawthorn and ebony soup to drink zongzi, or use hawthorn and divine tea to drink some stagnant tea.

Hawthorn ebony soup (for 2-3 persons): 30 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of ume, and 150 grams of lean meat.

Boil for 40 minutes after adding water.

The practice of stagnation tea: 30 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of Divine Comedy, 30 grams of malt, 15 grams of cloth residue leaves, and 3 grams of tangerine peel.

Add 200 to 300 ml of water and cook for 30 minutes at any time.

There are many varieties of gardenia, what should I do if I accidentally bulge and have bulging food?

Recommended to try Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets.

Jianweixiaoshi Tablet Jianweixiaoshi is used for food product caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach.

Mainly qi, help digest general foods such as staple foods and vegetables.

If you usually feel that you have eaten too much and your stomach is very strong, the effect of eating Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets will be significant.

Note that Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets has the effect of strengthening the stomach and spleen. If you are not digesting, it is recommended to take it after meals. If you have no appetite, you should take appetizers before meals.

[Various ways of making sesame cake]_How to make sesame cake

[Various ways of making sesame cake]_How to make sesame cake

There are almost many types of okonomiyaki, and the flavor is also very rich. For example, there are many common sweet potato okonomiyaki, pumpkin and potato kebab, etc. If you want to eat kebabs with different flavors every day, the best way is to make it yourselfHowever, everyone needs to master the various methods of baking cakes, otherwise the final effect cannot be achieved. So what are the methods of various baking cakes?

First, the sweet potato croquettes are used in various methods.

Two sweet potatoes, two eggs, three tablespoons of flour, and a few sugars (added according to your own sweet taste).


Wash the sweet potatoes, cut them in half or cut into three large pieces (easier to cook), and then cook in a pressure cooker to cook, usually 10-15 minutes.


Then remove the hot sweet potato skin and put it in a porcelain pot, stir it with a wooden shovel, add sugar, flour, and finally eggs while stirring.


After mixing well, knead into balls, gently flatten them on a cutting board, and then use the baby to eat a large jelly shell as a mold, and press it into a round or heart shape.


Finally, put it on the oil pan rack (you don’t need a lot of oil, don’t eat any oil), put the pie, and cook on both sides once.

Points to note: 1.

When sweet potatoes are peeled and mashed, they must be hot so that the flour and sugar can be dissolved.


Don’t put more flour, it will be hard and not fluffy.


Sweet potatoes are sticky. It is best to use some starch and flour.

Features: The golden color is very attractive, and it is easy to cook, just fry it. It is best to eat it when it is hot, and it is delicious.

Second, the various methods of sesame seeds are sesame pumpkin sesame seeds, materials: pumpkin, honey, flour, glutinous rice flour, bread crumbs, and cooking oil.

1. Cut the pumpkin into cubes, peel and mash it after steaming, add honey, flour, glutinous rice flour, and soft pumpkin dough.

First form small doses, then press into small round cakes and spread the bread crumbs evenly.

2. Add oil to the pan and fry the pumpkin pie until golden brown.

Various methods of making sesame cakes-Potato sesame cake-steamed potatoes, peeled and stir-fried, add glutinous rice flour, and stir while adding; sweet ones can be added with sugar;-when turned into a cakeA half-centimeter-thick cake-put the oil on it and heat it, then fry the cake and fry until it is golden and ready to eat!

[How to make spinach for children]_ spinach _ kids _ how to make

[How to make spinach for children]_ spinach _ kids _ how to make

In the critical period of the child’s growth and development, parents will replenish the child’s body with more nutrients, so food selection is especially important at this time.

Among them, spinach is a vegetable that can supplement the overall nutrition of the child’s body, but because spinach is a food with a high content of oxalic acid, it will make the mouth feel astringent, so most children do not like to eat spinach.

So in the process of eating spinach for children, what are the methods for making children’s spinach?

Ingredients for spinach and egg whole wheat pie: 100 grams of spinach, 1 egg, half a cup of whole wheat flour (125ml), oil-free bone soup.

Measures: (1) Remove the spinach from the roots, rinse it in boiling water, remove it and drain it; put the spinach in a blender and stir into the spinach puree; pour the spinach puree into a container, add flour,The eggs are battered with chopsticks.

(2) Then add bone soup to make a thin batter. Bone soup should be added gradually, and the batter should be made thinner so that the pancake is soft.

Heat the pan without oil, turn to medium heat, pour a spoonful of batter into the pan, and then turn it on one side until it is cooked until it is slightly golden on both sides.

Ingredients for spinach and beef porridge: 100 grams of rice, 60 grams of ground beef, 50 grams of spinach, 1 teaspoon of oil, and 10 grams of chives.

Practices: 1. Wash the spinach clean, add a little boiling water to the boiled water, remove the water and chop.

2. Wash the rice clean, add 1500ml of water to the pot, boil over high heat, pour rice, and boil over low heat for 60 minutes.

3. Pour in the spinach, add the minced beef and boil, add the chives.

Ingredients for spinach duck blood soup: 250 grams of duck blood, 100 grams of spinach, 50 grams of sea swallow, 20 grams of wolfberry, 3 grams of salt, chicken essence, and pepper.

Method: 1. Put the oil in the casserole and heat it. Add the ginger slices and scallions.

2. Wash and slice duck blood and put it in a pot and cook.

3, duck blood skimming floating foam, pour into a bowl and set aside.

4. Wash the pot, put it in the water and boil it. After processing the sea finfish clean, put it in the pot with ginger slices and spring onion and cook for 15 minutes. Remove the seasoning residue.

5, put duck blood, wolfberry, salt, chicken essence and pepper seasoning, cook for another two or three minutes, add spinach and green onions.

Spinach and egg yolk porridge Ingredients: spinach, egg yolk, soft rice, moderate broth, cooked vegetable oil Practices: (1) Wash the spinach, boil it and boil it into small pieces, put it in a pot, add a small amount of water and cook into a paste状 Spare.

(2) Put 1 egg yolk, soft rice, and proper broth (pork soup) into the pot and cook into porridge first.

(3) Add spinach paste and cooked vegetable oil to egg yolk porridge.

Spinach rice paste material: 30g spinach, 100g rice Method: 1. Wash the spinach and put it into the mini blender.

Add rice to the pot and fry over medium heat until slightly colored, then add in a mini blender and stir to form rice flour.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water and rice noodles to the pot, turn to low heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

Finally, add salt, chopped spinach and continue cooking for 3 minutes.

[The practice of Chinese-style sandwich]

[The practice of Chinese-style sandwich]

Friends often come to visit, but you take them out for dinner again and again, isn’t it very impolite?

What’s more, it would be healthier to eat at home.

So, for friendship and health, you have to master some cooking skills.

Well, let ‘s learn with me if I make a Chinese-style sandwich 1.

121 and good dough fermentation 2.

212 First of all, let’s go to pancakes and prepare high-gluten flour egg yeast (use warm water for a while) 3.

Ferment to double large 4.

A bowl of alkaline water 5.

1 Cut the dough into two halves and wake up for 20 minutes 6.

2 Soak hands with alkaline water and knead until the surface is smooth.

Cut the halved dough into three pieces, knead them into balls, and roll them into round cakes 8.

Add pancakes to the pan and start pancakes 9.

It’s OK to burn golden on both sides.

Next we prepare the fillings in the cake and wash and slice the chicken breasts. If you don’t like chicken breasts, you can use pork, mutton and beef anyway.

Add the chopped sliced meat to the starch and salt fried chicken powder and mix well and marinate12.

Add 70% of the oil and burn paper in the pot, add the golden brown pieces and remove 13.

Add fried meat to cumin, paprika, sesame and mix well.

Lettuce wash 15.

Cut the baked cake into the sliced lettuce. If there is a spicy sauce at home, it will be fine. Sometimes it ‘s fragrant. Sometimes family gatherings are always silent by their loved ones, they do n’t cook, and everyone has no food.

Do n’t worry now, just watch the steps above and quickly learn to make Chinese sandwiches yourself

[How is the ratio of the surface of the plate surface]_ and the surface _ method

[How is the ratio of the surface of the plate surface]_ and the surface _ method

The key to plate noodles is the ingredients of noodles. We want to make plate noodles with a unique export feeling. We need to use salt and alkali water and noodles when noodles are mixed, and we need to knead the noodles. We also mainly pay attention to the amount of water added to the noodles andAfter the meeting, you need to wake up.

For the method of making the surface, we can come to understand the content of this article, and then follow the steps of the article to make a noodle, and try the taste of the surface made by yourself.

Ingredients: flour 500 water, 200 grams of salt, 600 alkali, 70 grams. Method / steps: Before making noodles, you must first understand that the noodles on the board are made with saline and alkaline water. The production methods are machine-made noodles and hand-made noodles.Among them, the hand-made noodles are delicious and have a natural taste. Hand-made noodles and machines have different requirements for the proportion of salt and alkali due to the different manufacturing processes and the use of machine-made noodles.

Machine and surface salinity ratio: 50 kg of noodles, 200 grams of salt, 10 grams of alkali.

Salt and alkali ratio of handmade noodles: 50 kg of noodles, 600 grams of salt, 60 grams of alkali.

The amount of water used for noodles is appropriately increased or decreased according to the seasonal humidity.

Water for 10 pounds of noodles and 200 grams of water for manual falling and machine pressing.

The effect of adding salt and alkali to the noodles is to make the noodles more vigorous. Salt can increase the stiffness. Adding alkali to the noodles can reduce the cookedness when the noodles are cooked. It can also increase the stiffness.Meals are fast.

The salt-alkali ratio of the machine-pressed noodles is the ratio of manually mashed noodles, because the strength of the machine noodles is pressed by the machine, and the noodles will become stiffer after repeated pressing by the machine. Adding more salt and alkali will only make them stiffer.
For manual noodles, adding salt and alkali can make the taste of the noodles more vigorous and natural, and it can also show the authenticity of the noodles. In my hometown and local, large and small noodle shops use hand noodles.Noodles, traditional and authentic, are loved by people.

The details of the noodles: After the salt-alkali ratio of the noodles is adjusted, the noodles should also be noted a few times. First: the noodles cannot be stirred in the noodle machine for too long. If the time is too long, it will be easy to mix.After getting tired, the face will lose its elasticity and become firm.

After the flour is reconciled, you must fully wake up and moisturize it before making it into a noodle stick or pastry. After making the noodle stick or pastry, you need to wake up for half an hour before you can make the noodles on the board.Alkali amount is the best, the proportion of alkali is mixed with salt